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A Letter from the Executive Director

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A Letter from the Executive Director
A Letter from the Executive Director

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“Our strategy is to align, collaborate, and diversify our solution set to strengthen our guidance for providers. The best is yet to come.”

-Amber Gentry, Executive Director


Just four weeks ago, I took the first steps into my new career at Synōvim. I walked into a vacant office space that held a handsome desk, a new laptop, two empty file cabinets, and a stack of boxes huddled together in a corner ready for my attention. I’ve only begun to scratch the surface here since day one.

I am confident this is where I’m meant to be. I am thrilled and energized to guide both Synōvim and our providers onward and upward as challenges may lie ahead.

My information technology background has been driven by two key elements: customer service and innovation.  The past 12 years in the IT industry has taught me that there isn’t a company nor sole individual that can make any strides forward without first understanding their own core foundation, identifying with their customer’s needs, and finding ways to partner together. This is how collaboration and trust are built.  It has been ingrained in me that the customer is first, the expectations are honest, and the service is dependable while the leadership is reliable and trustworthy.

I’m ecstatic to grow Synōvim as demands in healthcare continue to change and challenge the existing landscape.  I look forward to continuing to perfect our current solutions portfolio, but am just as determined to push the needle to deliver exceptional results. This includes introducing disaster recovery and/or business continuity planning, network security and vulnerability assessments, and social and physical penetration testing and reporting.  Building upon and expanding our expertise on regulation and security guidelines are just a few developments to keep providers and their staff efficient and seamless as requirements progress.

Over the course of the last month, Synōvim has designed and deployed new internal workflow standards for sales and field consultants during provider engagements, as well as integrated Intervals for real-time  project management and time tracking. We’ve created a new scope of work documentation, have carefully reviewed business development planning and outlining, and we are collaborating with partner organizations and associations to identify industry trends. Our internal work will provide steadfast and improved consultations coupled with anticipated incentives for our customers.

In August, you’ll see our new High Performance Webinar Series dedicated to educating, highlighting, and detailing what you need to know about current regulation and compliance, as well as market shifts to be aware of in HIT.  I invite and encourage each of you to join us as your schedule allows so you can be advised of our current industry climate. All of our High Performance webinar’s will be recorded so that you can later view them on our website as well.

The team at Synōvim will begin leveraging our expert knowledge by sharing information via social media sites:

LinkedInTwitterGoogle+, and Facebook.

All announcements, articles, and education sessions will always be referenced with our new social media presence and on our website, which is scheduled to undergo a complete revamp and redesign.

These are just some of the enhancements the Synōvim team has added in the last 30 days.  Each day, we continue to strive and are dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to serve as your HIT Experts…

It’s the “why” of our existence;

to deliver superior Health Information Technology results by incorporating top-notch knowledge and dependable service.  

….and the best is yet to come.
p: 785.273.3031  /  e:

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